Winter Storage of your Lawn Mower

Winter Storage of your Lawn Mower

The warm weather will soon be a distant memory, but before you store your lawn mower for the winter remember to follow these tips and tricks:

1. Use a Fuel Stabilizer

AIt is recommended that before you store your lawn mower that you take the time to add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. This additive will protect your equipment’s carburetor from damage, ensuring you will be able to start your lawn mower after just one pull in the spring.

2. Changing the Oil, Air Filter, and Spark Plugs

It is recommended that you change the oil, air filter and spark plugs annually on your equipment to keep it in good working order. If you haven’t completed basic maintenance you should consider doing so before the winter. If you prefer, you can always schedule a visit to your local Cub Cadet dealer.

3. Lubricating the Drive Cables

Make sure you take the time to lubricate any cables found on your equipment prior to storing it for winter. This will ensure that cables on your unit will not crack or disintegrate over the winter.

4. Cleaning Under the Mower

This is the best time of year to clean your equipment. By taking time to clean under your mower, you will ensure that no rust will build up on the deck. Before starting please make sure that the unit is turned off and that no parts are moving, then use a metal brush to remove the build-up from underneath.

5. Cleaning the Bag

Does your bag need cleaning? Rinse it out with a garden hose and dry it thoroughly.

Ask your Cub Cadet dealer to explain the right way to store your equipment over the winter and avoid spring start-up problems.

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Top Five Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

There’s a chill and the air, and it’s time to stow your Cub Cadet lawn mower for winter. Follow our top five tips and tricks to prepare your yard for winter:

1. Weeding

Remove weeds that are growing in your flower beds, garden, and lawn. This will reduce the chance for them reappearing in the spring.

2. Collect and Compost Leaves

By raking leaves in the fall you will prevent rot from developing on your grass in the spring. Once you have raked the leaves, collect them and place them in your composter, or use your lawn mower to mulch the leaves and use the mulch to protect plant roots over the winter months.

3. Preparing the Soil

It’s a good idea to turn over and aerate the soil in your vegetable and flower gardens. Save yourself time and your back by using a Garden Tiller. By turning over the soil and adding compost as you work you will ensure that you have rich soil for spring planting.

4. Adding Fertilizer

Why not spread some fertilizer this fall? This will help protect the trees, lawn, perennials, and shrubs over winter.

5. Protecting Against Winter

Protect your hedges and shrubs against the wind and cold using mulch, stakes, etc. If the fall weather is dry, don’t hesitate to occasionally water your shrubs and trees.

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Prepare your Lawn Mower

How to Prep your Lawn Mower for Spring

Start the season right

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to prepare your Cub Cadet lawn tractor or lawn mower for the warm weather!
Here are a few tips that will help you get your summer off to a great start

1. Avoid the Rush

Does your tractor or mower need a little TLC? Make an appointment with your Cub Cadet dealer today for servicing and preparation. Making an appointment before the peak season will ensure your equipment is in shape to take on your early spring projects.

2. Sharpen your Lawn Mower Blade

A healthy lawn begins with a well-sharpened blade. A blunt blade can damage your lawn and open the door for disease. Contact your Cub Cadet dealer if you are unsure of the condition of your blade, and make the appropriate adjustments.

3. Retirement Age

Is your lawn tractor or lawn mower showing signs of fatigue? Maybe it’s time to replace your equipment. Don’t hesitate to visit your closest Cub Cadet dealer. Our authorized dealers are product experts and will be able to right size your needs based on your lawn type and size, and your budget.

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